It is assumed Richard went to Australia either in the year 1869 or 1870 as Arthur Nunweek was born…

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It is assumed Richard went to Australia either in the year 1869 or 1870 as Arthur Nunweek was born in 1870. Richard Nunweek was the third son of Thomas Nunweek and Elizabeth Brigg. He was born on 10th October 1830 and was christened at Bingley Parish Church.
In the 1851 Census he was 20 years old and living at Thwaites with his grandmother, father and some of his brothers and sisters. His occupation was teacher of Grammar and Mathematics.
In 1856 he went to London and trained as a teacher at Borough Road College which was rhe British School Training College. In the British School yearly documents for 1856 Richard is named as passing to be a teacher. Each student needed sponsors but unfortunately letters from Richard's sponsors were missing. (Were they required in Australia?)
Richard moved to Sedbergh in North Yorkshire and worked at the British School there. According to the 1856-57 yearly report for the school; there were 93 boys and 72 girls in the week-day school.
In July 1857 Richard married Margaret Sykes the daughter of the first Postmaster in Sedbergh. They had five children - Atheling born in 1858, Louisa Jane born in 1860, Clara born in 1862, Ernest Henry Sykes born in 1864 and Richard Arthur born in 1870.
According to 1871 Census Richard was not mentioned only Margaret and the children. But according to the PRO Victoria Archives Australia - in December 1871 Margaret and all her children arrived in Victoria on the ship 'Stonehouse'.
I have little information from Australia but Ernest and Richard have descandants but I know nothing about Atheling , Louisa or Clara.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Richard Nunweek
October 10, 1830
191 Unkera Bingley Yorkshire
5 Australia
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