Norman Seaton Nunweek, 19051961 (aged 56 years)

Norman Seaton /Nunweek/
Birth of a sister
Death of a paternal grandfather
Birth of a brother
Death of a paternal grandmother
Fact 1
Born and raised in Bar Lane, Riddlesden
Fact 2
Riddlesden Methodist SS and Chapel attender
Fact 3
Worked for Judson and Hudson. Became Co. Secretary
Family with parents
Birth: August 16, 1876 32 30 Riddlesden Keighley
Death: February 1964Bar Lane Riddlesden Keighley Yorkshire
Birth: April 1, 1879W Butterwick, Lincolnshire
Death: November 16, 1964High Royds Menston Yorkshire
Marriage MarriageMay 23, 1904West Butterwick, Lincolnshire
10 months
Birth: March 14, 1905 28 25 Keighley, Yorkshire
Death: March 31, 1961Keighley, Yorkshire
3 years
younger sister
Birth: December 6, 1907 31 28 Keighley, Yorkshire
Death: October 10, 1992Airedale Hospital, Keighley
5 years
younger brother
Shared note

Born in 1905 at 21 Bar Lane Riddlesden. Went to Riddlesden C of E school. I think he passed to go to Grammar School but wanted to go to work. So at 14 he started work at Judson and Hudsons an engineering firm in Street. He was working in the office under a man called Harold Smith who was very good to him. Norman went to night school and passed exams in Book keeping and He also had singing lessons from . He entered local Music Festivals and won prizes for his singing. His father Fred played the harmonium at Riddlesden Methodist church (later to be called Ilkley Road methodist church) Norman met Doris as she passed by J & H on her way to work as a mender. They married in 1931 at Wesley Place Methodist Church. Sister Annie was one of the bridesmaids. They bought a house 6 Southlands Mount and lived there for all their lives. Norman became Choirmaster at the chapel and also a trustee. He regularly conducted Handel's Messiah. He always sang "The Trumpet Shall Sound". He had a lovely baritone voice. On Good Friday he would conduct either Stainer's "Crucifixion" or Olivet to Calvary by He played cricket for Morton Banks who played in a field just below East Riddlesden Hall. He was a good wicket keeper and batsman being recorded as scoring 101 not out in a cup match in the West Bradford league. He always went away on holiday saying that he worked 50 weeks a year he was going to have 2 weeks holiday. When his children were young the family went to Fileystaying in Station Road with Miss Dixon There we took all our food and Miss Dixon cooked it for us. It must have been soon after the war when there was still rationing. Often Fred and Rebecca would also go to Filey and sometimes Annie would come for a few days. In about 1956 Norman pulled a muscle in his leg playing cricket parents against the Youth Club. His whole leg was black and blue and he had sun-ray treatment on it. This probably caused a clot in his blood which could have been the cause of his death. He collapsed conducting the "Crucifixion" on Good Friday 1961 and died a few hours later.